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Dia de Los Muertos Vendor Booth Application and Information

  1. The City of Garland is seeking artisans for Garland's Dia de Los Muertos Celebration. The event will be held Wednesday, November 1, 5:30-9 p.m. at the Granville Arts Center (300 N. Fifth Street, Downtown Garland, 75040). The celebration will feature music, entertainment, food trucks, and a children's area.

    An artist site fee of $50 made payable to GCAC, Inc. will be required for each vendor. Each vendor must supply their own tablecloths. All vendor booths must be set up by 4:30 p.m. on the event day. Vendors may begin loading in at 11 a.m. and cannot load out until after 9 p.m. 

    Each crafter/artist vendor must display culturally appropriate products related to the event.

    The deadline to submit your application is Friday, Oct. 13, 5 p.m.

    Participants will be notified by Wednesday, Oct. 18.

    If you have any questions, please email

    Selection Process:  We encourage artisans of all ages, backgrounds, and media to submit an application. Due to space limitations, artisan selection will include representation from a variety of categories. GCAC, Inc. will lead artisan selection.

    About GCAC, Inc. - In 1986, the Garland City Council created the nine-member Garland Cultural Arts Commission (GCAC) to serve as a liaison between the City and all community-based arts and historic organizations. The Commission's primary goal is the increased visibility of the arts in Garland. In 1987, the Commission created the private, non-profit organization known as GCAC, Inc. to pursue various sources of revenue in order to fund meritorious arts and historic groups through a sub-grant program.

  2. Vendor Booth Application
  3. Please note, food distribution is limited to the pre-arranged food trucks that will be on-site during the event.

  4. Agreement of Liability Waiver*

    I do hereby fully release and discharge the City of Garland and its officers, agents, servants, and employees from any and all claims from injuries, damage, or loss that I may have or which may accrue to me on account of my participation in the Juneteenth Celebration. I also understand that failure to show and participate at the event could result in exclusion from participation in future City of Garland special events. I have read and fully understand the listed terms and conditions.

  5. City of Garland Vendor Booth Terms and Information

    Dia de Los Muertos will be held Tuesday, Nov. 1 from 5:30-9 p.m. at The Granville Arts Center (300 N. Fifth Street, Downtown Garland, 75040).

    Craft and art vendors who are selected to participate in this event will be sent a site map before the event detailing parking information and booth assignment.     

    1.    Booth Reservation & Assignment:  City Staff will assign booths for vendors. Vendors cannot trade spaces nor can they move to another location without approval from City Staff.  

    2.    Booth Space:  Booth sites measure ten feet by ten feet (10’ x 10’). Vendors are responsible for supplying any needed décor.

    3.    Hours of Operation: Booths must be open to the public, adequately staffed, and maintained in complete form during the entire event, which lasts from 5:30-8:30 p.m.

    4.    Set Up/Tear Down:  Vendors may begin loading in at 11 a.m. and must have the booth ready for patrons by 4:30 p.m. Loading and unloading must occur from the parking lot.

    5.    Electric Service:  No electricity will be available.

    6.    Solicitation:  Vendors are prohibited from soliciting outside their assigned booth space. Literature is prohibited from being placed anywhere on the grounds.

    7.    Prohibited Items:  Items not allowed for sale or distribution include, but are not limited to tobacco, drug, or alcohol-related items; sexually explicit or adult-themed material; any materials that advocate sexism, racism, violence, profanity, or that are discriminatory, intolerant, or violent in content (at the discretion of City Staff).

    8.    License, Permits, and Sales Tax:  Vendors are responsible for all appropriate operating licenses and permits.   Required permits must be available during the event.  Vendors are solely responsible for paying all required taxes to local, state, and federal authorities and shall keep such records of transactions as may be required by such authorities.  

    9.    Drugs/Smoking/Alcohol:  No smoking, alcohol, or illegal drugs will be permitted on-site. 

    10.    Trash:  Each vendor is responsible for keeping their assigned booth clean, neat, and orderly at all times. This includes hauling away any trash or garbage generated in or around the booth and sweeping up any product debris left on the ground.  

    11.    Food/Beverages:  Food distribution is limited to the pre-arranged food trucks on-site during the event.

    12.    Animals:  Animals are not allowed in vendor booths.  Exceptions will be made for assistance animals.

    13.    Exceptions:  Any exception(s) to these terms must have prior written approval by City Staff.

    14.    Agreement Termination:  The City of Garland may terminate this agreement without notice and forthwith remove the vendor from the premises for selling unauthorized items, failure to sell from the assigned booth space, or breach of any part of this agreement, including without limitations, failure to timely pay the booth fee set forth herein. No refunds shall be given to vendors selected to participate in this event for any reason.

    15.    Vendor as Independent Contractor:  The parties hereto stipulate and agree that, under this agreement, the vendor is not acting as an agent, employee, representative, partner, or joint venturer of the City of Garland but shall at all times and for all purposes have the status of independent contractor.  The City of Garland shall not control the manner or methods by which the vendor performs sales except as expressly provided for herein.

    16.    Vendor Responsibility and Liability:  The vendor assumes the entire responsibility and liability for:

    a.   Losses, damages, and claims arising out of injury to his/her own personal property or party.

    b.   Damage to the vendor’s displays, equipment, or other property.

    c.    The vendor agrees not to hold liable or responsible in any form the City of Garland, its employees, event supervisors, guests, volunteers, and participants against any and all claims or expenses for such losses, arising out of the performance of this agreement.

    These terms and information have been established to satisfy the diverse needs of our vendors and patrons. The City of Garland reserves the right to change these terms at any time.

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