What if I disagree with the fair market appraisal value provided by the City?

If a property owner is not satisfied with the appraisal result, the property owner may seek their own appraisal.  The property owner, at their own expense may hire a certified independent third-party firm to provide an appraisal of the property. The property owner will present the appraisal to the City along with a receipt for the services.  If the City and property owner come to a mutual agreement on market value for the property, the City may credit the property owner for appraisal fees at closing.  If the property owner is still not satisfied with the appraisal results, the property owner may opt out of the program and not sell the property.

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1. What is the purpose of the program?
2. How do I apply for the program?
3. What properties are eligible for the program?
4. Is this program mandatory?
5. Does this program affect the value of my property?
6. If I am not selected, do I have to apply every year?
7. When can applications be submitted?
8. What if I change my mind after the application is submitted?
9. How will the property value be determined?
10. What if I disagree with the fair market appraisal value provided by the City?
11. Will the City exercise eminent domain to acquire properties for this program?
12. How long does the buyout process take?
13. What if the grant application is not selected by FEMA?
14. Why does the buyout process take so long?
15. When will the applicant know if their property has been chosen to be a part of the program?
16. What happens to the property after the buyout process?
17. If a homeowner has negative equity on their mortgage, can they participate in the program?
18. Are rental properties eligible for the program?
19. Does the property owner receive reimbursement for moving expenses?
20. What if the property owner’s application is rejected by the City?
21. If my application is accepted by the City, am I guaranteed to be included in the grant application to FEMA?
22. Can I apply if I do not have an active flood insurance policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or if I previously had a policy but no longer carry it?