After Hours Code Compliance

Starting in August Code Compliance will begin extending hours to concentrate on parking issues in neighborhoods.  Code Compliance will be focusing on items such as parking on unimproved surfaces, parking vehicles across sidewalks, oversized and commercial vehicles, trailers on residential streets, and illegal home businesses. Below are some examples of the violations our inspectors will be looking for during this extended time of enforcement.

  1. Parking on Unimproved Surfaces
  2. Sidewalk Vehicle Encroachment
  3. Oversized, Commercial, and Modified Vehicles in Residentially Zoned Areas
  4. Trailers on the streets
  5. Illegal Home Businesses

City ordinance sets strict rules for parking surfaces in front, side, and back yards in residential areas.  In general, the city’s rules are as follows:

  • It is illegal to park any kind of vehicle (car, truck, boat, motorcycle, utility trailer, or recreational vehicle) on the grass or dirt.
  • In a front yard, parking surfaces must either be concrete (5 inches thick) or interlocking concrete paving tiles on an approved sub-base.
  • In a side or back yard, citizens may construct parking areas made of concrete, asphalt, or gravel (white rock or pea gravel 6 inches deep) held in place by an approved border such as treated lumber.

Due to the highly specific requirements, all residents and owners planning to construct a parking surface should contact the Building Inspection Department at 972-205-2300, and obtain a permit before construction.